William Archibald WILLINGHAM

(1874 - 1961)

William Archibald "Archie" WILLINGHAM3(Wilson2Archibald1)  was born 24 Jun 1874 in Bell County, Texas, USA and died in 1961.  He married 1st to May BURKS who died of tb.  He married second to Beulah MCGLOTHLIN who was born in 1878 and died in 1951.

(Wilson and Mary Burks Willingham with four of their children)


The children of Archie and May BurksWillingham:
i.   Martha Elizabeth WILLINGHAM4(William3Wilson2Archibald1) married G.E. "Shorty" TANNER.


Betty TANNER5(Martha4William3Wilson2Archibald1)  married Elmer LINDSEY.
      i. Brenda LINDSEY6(Betty5Martha4William3Wilson2Archibald1)
      ii.. Tammy LINDSEY6(Betty5Martha4William3Wilson2Archibald1)


Glinda TANNER5(Martha4William3Wilson2Archibald1) married VACICEK.


William Edward TANNER5(Martha4William3Wilson2Archibald1)
ii.  Lola Ethyl WILLINGHAM4(William3Wilson2Archibald1) married W. A. MALCOLM.


Eleanora MALCOLM5(Lola4William3Wilson2Archibald1)
iii.  Bessie Mae WILLINGHAM4(William3Wilson2Archibald1) married Robert E. HODGES.
    i. R.E. HODGES5(Bessoe4William3Wilson2Archibald1)
    ii. Ruby Mae HODGES5(Bessie4William3Wilson2Archibald1)
    iii. Elizabeth HODGES5(Bessie4William3Wilson2Archibald1) married HUCKLEBEE
iv.  Ada Belle WILLINGHAM4(William3Wilson2Archibald1) married Denis HARKIN
    i. M.D.. HARKIN5(Ada4William3Wilson2Archibald1)
    ii. Mary Lee HARKIN5(Ada4William3Wilson2Archibald1) married CALHOUN.


Kathryn "Kate" Ann CALHOUN6(Mary5Ada4William3Wilson2Archibald1) married MCKINLEY.


Joe HARKIN5(Ada4William3Wilson2Archibald1).
v.  Gracie Dean WILLINGHAM4(William3Wilson2Archibald1) married Iva Lee JONES. Had two sons.
vi.  Robert WILLINGHAM4(William3Wilson2Archibald1) He had no children.
vii.  Aileen WILLINGHAM4(William3Wilson2Archibald1)

Legend by Betty Birdwell:
Sometime after her marriage ( I don't know when) Mary Eleanor Willingham Birdwell cooked for a railroad gang (40-50 men) and supposedly lived in a tent when she did this.

1.  George Washington Birdwell married 2nd about 1907-1908 to Mollie UNKNOWN.  They had a son b. 13 Sep 1908 and died 9 Feb 1909.  He is buried in Cedar Valley Cemetery, Bell County, Texas, USA
2.  George Washington Birdwell married 3rd Mrs. Becky HOLDEN.  They had a son, Horace Holden[5].

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