(1928 - 1998)
[Photo taken about 1947]

28 James Henry "Buddy" WILLINGHAM5(Henry4John3Alfred2Archibald1) was born 19 Jan 1928[1] in Texas, USA and died 13 Oct 1998[2] in Waxahachie, Ellis County, Texas, USA, USA. He married 11 Nov 1972[3] to Laura Edith HARDING who was born about 1943[3]. They divorced 29 Aug 1980[4] in Ellis County, Texas, USA, USA.  She was the daughter of Buddy's father's second wife, Viola Isabelle "Olie" Garrett and her second husband Homer Harding..

Children of Buddy and Edith Willingham were:

33. i.  James Henry "Jim" WILLINGHAM, Jr.6(James5Henry4John3Alfred2Archibald1) was born 5 Mar 1951[5] in Dallas County, Texas, USA[5].
He has three children:


James Henry "Hank" WILLINGHAM, III7(James6James5Henry4John3Alfred2Archibald1) was born 15 Jun 1976[9] in Dallas County, Texas, USA[9]
He has three children:

    i. McKenzie Dawn Willingham (married name Shameklis). Born 17 Nov 1995.

   ii. Grayson Elijah Willingham. Born 23 Feb 2007.

  iii. Jackson Emmett Willingham. Born 1 Oct 2009.

ii. Lacey WILLINGHAM8(Henry7James6James5Henry4John3Alfred2Archibald1)
iii. Steven WILLINGHAM8(Henry7James6James5Henry4John3Alfred2Archibald1)
34. ii. 

Richard Earl WILLINGHAM6(James5Henry4John3Alfred2Archibald1) was born 18 Feb1952[6] in Harris County, Texas, USA[6].

He has two children:

            i. Kristin Willingham

           ii. Audrey Willingham

35. iii.

 David Leon WILLINGHAM6(James5Henry4John3Alfred2Archibald1) was born born 14 Jun 1955[7] in Harris County, Texas, USA, USA[7]
He has two children:

i.  Heather WILLLINGHAM7(David6James5Henry4John3Alfred2Archibald1)
ii.  David Leon WILLINGHAM Jr.7(David6James5Henry4John3Alfred2Archibald1)
36. iv. Deborah "Debbie" Lynn WILLINGHAM6(James5Henry4John3Alfred2Archibald1) was born 21 Jun 1965[8] in Dallas County, Texas, USA, USA[8].
She has 3 children and two grandchildren:
i.  Adam7(Debra6James5Henry4John3Alfred2Archibald1)




Jon7(Debra6 James5Henry4John3Alfred2 Archibald1)

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