24. Annie WILLINGHAM3(Alfred2Archibald1) was born 01 Aug 1874 in Washington County, Texas, USA. She married three times. First on *12 Nov 1890 to Miles NORTON, second 1899 in Waller County, Texas, USA to Bascom STOCKING, and third to Joeseph Leonard EIGEL who was born 24 Apr 1884** in Switzerland. There was no issue in the last two marriages.


Child of Annie and Miles Norton was:


Minnie Lee NORTON4(Annie3Alfred2Archibald1) was born 14 Jul 1891 in Washington County, Texas, USA. She married Mr. BULLARD.

* This date of marriage is from the Washington County, Texas, USA website.  Other marriage dates in this family were a few days off so it is possible this is the date of the issuance of license and not the actual date of marriage.

1900 Navasota, Grimes County, Texas, USA Federal Census
name-relation- race -sex -date of birth-age -married(yrs?)(#children)- where born- mother born- father born-     occupation.
Mattie Stocking, Head - W - F - Dec 1846 - 53 widowed--2-2       MS- MS- TN               -                dressmaker
Bascomb Stocking, son-W - M - Oct 1869 - 30 married   -         TX-TX-MS                   -                  painter
Annie Stocking, daughter-W-F-Jan 1868 - 32 married 3, 1-1  -          TX-TX-MS              -    clerk in store  
Etta Stocking, daughter-W-F-Sept 1879 - 20 single           -         TX-TX-MS
Minnie Norton, grand-daughter-W-F-Jul 1891 - 8             -          TX-TX-TX                                at school
My thoughts on this census are that Annie Stocking  is indeed Annie Willingham Stocking and she is a daughter-in-law, not a daughter.  Also that she has lied about her age or the person giving the information didn't know the right age or where Annie's parents were born.  Reason being that Mattie said she had 2 children, 2 still living. (my observation is that Annie did not know or lied about her age in all the census and didn't even know where her parents were born until 1930!)

1910 Houston, Harris County, Texas, USA Federal Census
House#-Dwelling# - Visit# - name - relation - sex-color-married?-number yrs. m?-#children, living-born-father born-mother born-occupation
1814-9-10-Eigel, Joe-Head-M-W-26-M1-Switzerland-Switzerland-Switzerland-car repair/railroad
                          , Annie-Wife-F-W-36-M2-Texas-Arkansas-Arkansas-none
                  Norton, Minnie-step/dau-F-W-18-S-Texas-Texas-Texas-none

1920 Houston, Harris County, Texas, USA Federal Census
street, house#, family#, name, relationship, owns home, free or mortgaged, color, age, married, born, tongue, father born, tongue, mother born, tongue, speak English, trade, business, working on own
Betby's-805-149-Eigel, Leonard J.-Head-0-F-M-W-35-M-Switzerland, German, Switzerland, German, Switzerland, German, yes, Pipefitter, Iron Foundry, W
                            Eigel, Annie, wife,-,-,F, W, 44, M------Texas, United States, Arkansas

1930 Houston, Harris County, Texas, USA Federal Census
line, street, house#, dwelling#, family#, name, relationship, owns home?, Value, sex, color, age, married?, how long?, attended school, can read & write, born, father born, mother born, language before comming to U.S., year immigrated, naturalized?, speaks English, occupation, industry, class of worker, actually working, veteran of U.S. military, What war?-
20-Rose-4717-73-73-Eigel,JosephL.-Head-0-4000-_-No-M-W-46-M-21-No-yes-Switzerland-Switzerland-Switzerland-German-1904-NA-yes-PipeFitter-Steam Rail-3077-W-yes-yes-WW
                                    Eigel, Annie, wife----F-W-36-M-16-No-yes-Texas-Georgia-Arkansas-speaks English 

** 1918 Draft Registration (
joe_eigel_draft_reg.JPG (437556 bytes)  click for larger view



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