John MONTGOMERY4(William3John2John1) was born 1796 in Blount County, Tennessee, USA and died 1863. He married 1st Julia ROBINSON and 2nd Sarah ALLEN .


Children of John and Julia Montgomery were:

i.  Benjamin MONTGOMERY5(John4William3John2John1) was killed during the Civil War.
ii.  Andrew MONTGOMERY5(John4William3John2John1) was killed during the Civil War .
iii.  Julia MONTGOMERY5(John4William3John2John1).
Children of John and Sarah Montgomery were:
iv.  Sarah Elizabeth MONTGOMERY5(John4William3John2John1) .
v.  Ann J. MONTGOMERY5(John4William3John2John1) .
vi.  John P. MONTGOMERY5(John4William3John2John1) .
vii.  Emily MONTGOMERY5(John4William3John2John1) .
viii.  Susan MONTGOMERY5(John4William3John2John1) ).

¦ Notes:
¦ John was a boyhood friend of Sam Houston in Maysville, Tennessee, USA
¦ He served in the army with Sam Houston
¦ Fought in the Battle of San Jacinto under the command of Captain James Gillespie, a cousin of his brother Andrew's wife

¦ Source:
Montgomery County, Texas History

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