Andrew Jackson MONTGOMERY4(William3John2John1) was born 04 Apr 1801 in Blount County, Tennessee, USA.  He moved with his father to Alabama, USA and in 1819 parted with the family at the age of eighteen and traveled to Natchez, Mississippi, USA where he joined up with the James Long Filibustering Expedition into Texas.  When General Long fled from the Spainards in Texas into Louisiana, Andrew hid out near the present day town of Stoneham along with a friend by the name of Strap Buckner.  He established a trading post where two Indian trails crossed near the present town of Montgomery and has been credited as the founder of Montgomery County, Texas, USA.

Andrew was in the army with Sam Houston, his boyhood friend and the Battle of San Jacinto under the command of Capt. James Gillespie.  He was named vice-president of the Convention held 21 Apr 1860 at the San Jacinto Battleground that nominated Sam Houston as the "People's Candidate" for the Presidency of the United States.

Andrew married Mary Muhulda FARRIS who was born 20 Dec 1823 and died 03 Oct 1886.  He died near Stoneham at his home 03 Dec 1863 and is buried next to his brother, John in the Stoneham Cemetery.  State tombstones mark their graves.


Children of Andrew and Mary Montgomery were:

i.  Edmund T. "Doc" MONTGOMERY5(Andrew4William3John2John1) was born 12 Dec 1845 and died 12 Aug 1884. He married first to Mary WOOTEN and second to Mary JARRATT.
ii.  Mary Elizabeth "Aunt Daughty" MONTGOMERY5(Andrew4William3John2John1) was born 29 Dec 1847 and died 06 Jan 1913. She never married.
iii.  William Benjamin MONTGOMERY5(Andrew4William3John2John1) was born 06 Jan 1850.
iv.  Henry Bailey MONTGOMERY5(Andrew4William3John2John1) was born 01 Aug 1851 and died 06 Jan 1927. He never married.
v.  Robert "Bob" MONTGOMERY5(Andrew4William3John2John1) was born 07 Apr 1853 and died 1900. He never married.
vi.  Irvin Randall MONTGOMERY5(Andrew4William3John2John1) was born 22 Jun 1855.
10 vii.  Hezekiah "Ky" MONTGOMERY5(Andrew4William3John2John1) was born 16 Apr 1857 and died 04 Aug 1917. He married 1st 15 Apr 1897 to Willie LEE. After Hezekiah's death, Willie Lee married James Edward "Major" MONTGOMERY.
11 viii.  John MONTGOMERY5(Andrew4William3John2John1) was born 17 Apr 1859 and died 18 Jan 1926. He married 14 Dec 1887 to Lucretia Ella UZZELL who was born 28 Mar 1869 and died 19 Feb 1959.
ix.  Andrew Jackson "Buddy" MONTGOMERY5(Andrew4William3John2John1) was born 17 Aug 1862 and 24 Nov 1916. He never married.

¦ Notes:
¦ Andrew was a courier-boy for the James Long Filibustering Expedition into Texas in 1819.
¦ Andrew fought in the War of 1812 at the Battle of Horshoe Bend.
¦ Fought in the Battle of San Jacinto under the command of Capt. James Gillispi who was a cousin to his wife.
¦ Andrew Montgomery is the person for whom Montgomery County, Texas, USA is named.

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