Of 10 children of David and Louisa Montgomery, five were:

i.   James Morris MONTGOMERY3(David2Andrew1).
ii.   David J.MONTGOMERY3(David2Andrew1).
iii.   Elizabeth A. MONTGOMERY3(David2Andrew1) was born 20 Dec 1845 in Arkansas and died 11 Jul 1901 in Arkansas.  She married Jeremiah Greenwood CARRINGTON2(Walker1).
iv.   Melissa A. MONTGOMERY3(David2Andrew1) married  T. S. BRYAN.
v.   Mollie MONTGOMERY3(David2Andrew1) married S. C. CORMAN.

1.  These children were probably all born in Arkansas as their parents settled in Hempstead County, Arkansas, USA in 1844. 
2.  The parents, David and Louisa MONTGOMERY were both worthy members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.
3.  The second Mrs. Montgomery had five children from their previous marriage who were Fannie B. (wife of J. H. Leiper), Flora A. (wife of W. E. Gibson), and Lila L. (wife of L. B. Stine). Mrs. Montgomery's first husband died 17 Nov 1885.