8.  Joseph JACKSON2 was born about 1798[1] in Milledgeville, Georgia, USA and died 31 Mar 1861[2] in Eutaw, Green County, Alabama, USA. He married first 12 Apr 1822[3] in Alabama, USA to Delilah COOPER[4] who was born 1798 in Georgia and died 13 Apr 1832[5]. He married second on 13 Aug 1833 to Sarah "Sallie" Cannon BELTON[6]. She was born 1815[7] in South Carolina and died 1892[8] and is buried in Lehigh, Oklahoma[9].  The Jackson land was about 8-9 miles due north of Greensboro and encompassed about 240 acres or so.[10].  

Joseph's parents were Joseph Jackson1 born 1760 in North Carolina who was married to a lady by the name of Mary UNKNOWN.  Our Jackson clan immigrated from Pennsylvania down to the Orange County area of North Carolina, and then on to the Milledgeville area of Georgia.  Eventually some of the Jacksons left to move on to Alabama, USA (actually, it was Mississippi, USA....but Alabama, USA was made a state of its own accord in 1819 or so, and thereby split off from Mississippi, USA), and our Joseph settled in Greene County.  His father Joseph (I'll call him # 1 here) settled in a county called Clarke (he was in Clarke County Mississippi, USA before it became Alabama, USA) which is only a few counties away from Greene.  This information has not been proven by our group of researchers yet but we are working on it.  This research will continue back to England in the early 1500's but has to be proven before arriving on this web-site.  Written by Robert Jackson



Children[4] of Joseph Jackson and Delilah Cooper:
9 i.  Theophilus Andrew "Off" JACKSON2(Joseph).[updated 13 Sep 2002]
ii.  Dr. James William "Doc" JACKSON2(Joseph) was born 18 December 1821 in probably Alabama, USA and died 30 Mar 1883 in Mt. Pleasant, Texas, USA.[11] (see notes)  [updated 13 Sep 2002]
iii.  Cynthia Jane JACKSON2(Joseph) was born 1823 and died 1900.  She married Daniel M. INGRAM.
10 iv.  Amanda Minerva JACKSON2(Joseph).
11 v.   Elizer Lena JACKSON2(Joseph).
vi.  Sara Effie Jane JACKSON2(Joseph) was born 23 Jun 1830 in Alabama, USA and died 09 Jun 1898 in Alabama, USA. She married 23 Dec 1851[12] to John Scotland MCCRORY.(*see marriage license below) (**see MCCRORY note below)
Children[1] of Joseph Jackson and Sarah "Sallie" Cannon Belton were:
vii.  Annie JACKSON2(Joseph) died young of Scarlet Fever. She married Hugh MCCRORY.
viii   Susan C. JACKSON2(Joseph) was born 1835 in Alabama, USA.  She married 21 Mar 1861[13] Mr. Harry.  She had a son by the name of Joseph Sidney HARRY and a daughter b. LA by the name of Florence HARRY.  Susan died in childbirth in Louisianna on the way to Texas in 1867. *see marriage license below)
ix .  Joseph JACKSON2(Joseph) was born about 1836 in Alabama, USA. He was killed in the Civil War in 1864.
13 x.  John Harrison JACKSON2(Joseph)
14 xi. Robert Sidney JACKSON2(Joseph).
xii. Martha Rebecca "Mattie" JACKSON2(Joseph).

 1.  1850 Green County, Alabama, USA Federal Census
2.  Sarah Cannon Belton Jackson's widows pension #29070
3.  This is the date Joseph put on his application for 2nd marriage although it doesn't work out with the dates of brith of his first three children.
4.  Stated on marriage application for 2nd marriage by Joseph Jackson.
5.  Sarah Cannon Belton Jackson's widows pension #29070
6.  Green County, Alabama, USA Marriage Records
7.  1850 Green County, Alabama, USA Federal Census
8.  Sarah Cannon Belton Jackson's widows pension #29070
9.  From the research of Browne- not proven by our group of researchers yet, still hunting for her grave.
10.  Robert Jackson record
11.  A photo of the headstone is in the possession of Robert "Bob" Jackson.  It states: J. W. Jackson born Dec 1821, died Mar 30, 1883.
12. Marriage license in Record of Marriages December 1851 in possession of Joyce Jackson  (found by Lynn Jackson) *
13. Marriage license in Record of Marriages March 1861 in possession of Joyce Jackson (found by Lynn Jackson)*

The State of Alabama, USA (         To any Judge Justice of the Peace or
Green County              (           legally authorized Minister of the Gospel of the County and state aforesaid,  I,  James N. Evans, Judge of the Probate court of said county, send greetings.  You are by these presents authorized and permitted to join together in the holy estate of Matrimony Mr John S. McCrory to Miss Sarah E. Jackson which Marriage when by you solomnized you shall certify to my office.                                                                        Served the 16th day of November A.D. 1851
                                                                                    J. R. Evans, Judge (his signature)

The marriage between the above named persons was solominized by one on the 23rd day of December A.D. 1851.                                                Geo. H. O(b?)eldon, J.P. (his signature)


The State of Alabama, USA (        To any Judge, Justice of the Peace or legally authorized Minister of the 
Green County               (        Gospel of the county and State aforesaid, I William C. Oliver Judge of the Probate Court of Greene county, Send Greeting.  
You are by these presents authorized and permitted to join together in the Holy Estate of Matrimony Mr. Benjamin H. Harry and Miss Susan C Jackson.  Which marriage when by you solomnized, you shall certify to this office within thirty days.  Issued 20 day of January AD 1861.
                                                                                        W C Oliver Judge (his signature)

The Marriage between the ab ove named persons was solomnized by me on this 21st day of March 1861 at the residence of the Brides father in Green county, Alabama, USA.
                                                                                        By J W Y Meeks J.P. (his signature)


( not proven by me):

In the 1850 census: 
In the household of William McCrory, age 45
John S. McCrory, age 20,  occupation was teacher.

I'm having a little trouble following your McCrory connection (see below).  One of my collateral ancestors, Sara Ann Chandler, is shown in the Greene County marriages as marrying a Hugh McCrory (McRorey) 15 Feb 1830.  Maybe we are discussing different Hugh's.

Then Louisa J., a daughter of Sara Ann and Hugh McCrory, married a James McCrary in 1856.  This James was listed in the 1850 census as a son of Thomas McCrary, and this is what has led to my confusion over whether there were two families (McCrary and McCrory) or just one with variant spellings.

The 1850 census indicates that Thomas McCrary was born in 1805 in South Carolina, whereas William McCrory was born in 1805 in North Carolina.  Hugh appears to be a brother of William since he, Hugh, is listed as having been born in 1807, also in North Carolina.

In Snedecor's 1856 directory of Greene County, he had both spellings listed as if there were two different families.  Since Snedecor was the county tax assessor, my guess is that he would have known who was who in the county.  Keeping the tax records is a very exacting job.

(All the above  information AND comments came from an email from Bob, not to be confused with Bob Jackson)


BELTON SPECULATION, no proof, just food for thought:
A candidate mother for Sarah Cannon Belton is Charity DELTON[1] (Belton?) b. ca 1774 South Carolina. She was living with Joseph's family in Greene County, Alabama, USA in the 1850. The census, age  76.
Candidate parents for Sarah Cannon Belton is JOHN BELTON and CHARITY TEAGUE.  He was the son of WILLIAM BELTON and SUSANNAH LEAVELL.  She was the daughter of ELIJAH TEAGUE and ALICE LEAVELL
From an email from Bob Jackson 6 Mar 2003:
. . .  found a copy of the following transfer of land, which I believe to be an earlier "homestead" area over in Greene County, from a Robert Lavinder (Lavender) to Joseph Jackson....the NE 1/4 of Section 6, Township 22, Range 5 East.
More significantly, it was witnessed by 2 men:  William Cooper and John Belton on the 16th day of May, 1835!

If you should have proof of this connection, please contact me or this Belton researcher. We would appreciate your in-put.

The 1850 Greene County, Alabama, USA census shows Joseph, age 52 but an inheirted source says he was born 1896 in Re: "The Jackson Family Bible". No one knows where this bible is.  There is a great possibility it was in a family member's basement when the basement flooded and was destroyed.
Joseph Jackson moved to Camp County, Texas, USA after the death of his first wife.[2]
In 1818, Joseph Jackson got a land grant and in 1819, his residence was Five mile, Section3, Township 21, Range5, East (Green County, Alabama, USA). In 1867, Greene County was divided and Joseph lived in the part that became Hale County. [2]
Joseph served in Creek Indian War of 1812. [2]
Georgia Militia, Capt. Harveys Co.
After the death of Joseph, his wife Sarah moved to Texas in 1868 and lived with her son Robert Sidney Jackson. [2]
Robert "Bob" Jackson said James William "Doc" Jackson served in the Civil War in 1864.  
In 1850 census according to "Bob" Jackson, there were Boltons living near by.

A family story:
(copied from statements by several of John Harrison Jackson's children and grandchildren, as told to them by John Harrison and his wife, Elizabeth Jane REAM Jackson)
...".A native of Eutaw, Greene County, Alabama, USA , Mr. Jackson (John Harrison) was the son of JOSEPH JACKSON, who served with Captain William Harvey's famous Georgia Militia in the War of 1812.  His mother was SARAH (SALLY) CANNON BELTON JACKSON of South Carolina.
He was a Lt. in the Confederate Company "E", 41st Alabama, USA Infantry in the "War Between the States."  His brother, Joseph Jackson, was killed in this war.
JOHN HARRISON JACKSON, his widowed mother, his brother, ROBERT SIDNEY JACKSON, his sisters, MARTHA JACKSON (SUGGS) and SUSAN JACKSON HARRY with her small son, SIDNEY HARRY began the long trip to Texas about 1867 in a covered wagon.  Along the way, in Louisiana, SUSAN JACKSON HARRY died in childbirth.  An infant daughter, FLORENCE (HARRY) BLACKBURN survived.  Mr. Jackson would ride his horse ahead of the wagon train every day to procure milk for the tiny baby in its struggle for survival.
The party arrived in Mount Pleasant, Texas, USA to join the half-brothers of John Harrison Jackson, Dr. James William JACKSON and THEOPHILUS ANDREW (Uncle Off) JACKSON.  After a couple of years JOHN HARRISON JACKSON and his family went on to Denison, Texas, USA where he owned a saw mill.  Two years later he went to Atoka, Indian territory where he acquired more saw mills and engaged in the lumber business."

Now, this is typed exactly as it was written with a couple of exceptions made by me to correct wrong info.  Submitted by Robert W. Jackson, Jr.
Thanks, Robert.

1850 Green County, Alabama, USA Federal Census - page 281B
dw fam name age gender color occupation personal value where born
581 581 John J. Harry 52 M Farmer South Carolina
John F. Harry 24 M Farmer Alabama, USA
Margaret T? Harry 18 F Alabama, USA
582 582 Joseph Jackson 52 M  Mechanic Georgia
Sarah C. Jackson 35 F South Carolina
Susan C. Jackson 16 F Alabama, USA
Joseph Jackson 14 M Alabama, USA
John H. Jackson 11 M Alabama, USA
Robert S. Jackson 6 M Alabama, USA
Martha R. Jackson 4 F Alabama, USA
Charity Delton 76 F South Carolina
1860 Green County, Alabama, USA Federal Census - page 826
dw fam name age gender color occupation personal value where born
47 40 Joseph Jackson 64 M Carpenter 600 Georgia
Sarah C. Jackson 41 F South Carolina
Susan C. Jackson 24 F Alabama, USA
Jno H. Jackson 19 M Alabama, USA
Robt S. Jackson 18 M Alabama, USA
Martha R. Jackson 14 F Alabama, USA
40 51 Jeremiah Seale 35? M Alabama, USA
Eliza L. Seale 31 F Alabama, USA
Idelia E. Seale 11 F Alabama, USA
Jessey T Seale 9 M Alabama, USA
Jas G. Seale 8 M Alabama, USA
Synthia Seale 6 F Alabama, USA
Margaret E. Seale 4 F Alabama, USA
Ray? Baby? Seale 1 M Alabama, USA
1870 Titus County, Texas, USA Federal Census - page 84
dw fam name age gender color occupation personal value where born
571 571 John H. Jackson 28 M W Farmer 10000 Alabama, USA
Sarah C. Jackson 57 F W Keeping House South Carolina
Robert S. Jackson 25 M W Farmer Alabama, USA
Mattie R. Jackson 21 F W Alabama, USA
Joseph S. Harry  7 M W Alabama, USA 
Florence Harry  1 F W Louisiana
Thomas Chandler 23 M W Farm Laborer Alabama, USA
Ben Neghbens 22 M W Alabama, USA

*Researcher of first marriage:

Marie Owens

[Researcher of the line of Joseph Jackson1 and Delilah Cooper]

*Researchers of both marriages, descendants of second marriage:
If you have anything to offer, please email us! Thanks!

Marlene Jackson
[Researcher of the line of Joseph Barton Jackson3 [Robert2,Joseph1]
Joycelyn Jackson Ulbricht
[Researcher of the line of Edward Henderson Jackson3 [Robert2Joseph1]
Joyce Jackson
[Researcher of the line of Albert Sidney Jackson3 [Robert2,Joseph1]
Robert "Bob" W. Jackson, Jr.
[Researcher of the line of Walter Scott Jackson3 [Robert2Joseph1]
Walter Scott Jackson, IV
[Researcher of the line of Walter Scott Jackson3 [Robert2Joseph1]

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