13.  John Harrison JACKSON2(Joseph1), the son of Joseph Jackson (1796-1864) and his second wife, Sarah Canon Belton (1815-1892) was born 01 Dec 1840[1]  in Green County, Alabama, USA[1]  and died 30 Dec 1906[2] in Brazoria County, Texas, USA[2] . He married 14 Feb 1877[2]  in Grayson County, Texas, USA[2]  to Elizabeth Jane REAM (Rheim)[2]  who was born 11 Jan 1861[2]  in Sedalia, Pettis County, Missouri[2]  and died 28 Apr 1951 in Angeleton, Brazoria County, Texas, USA[3] .  She was the daughter of Mary Jane Wasson (1832-1861) and Abraham Ream (1822-1864) of Missouri[3] .

J. H. Jackson, native of Eutaw, Green County, Alabama, USA was a Confederate veteran of Company E, 41st Alabama, USA Infantry.  Just after the war, 1867, he and his widowed mother Sarah Canon Belton, brother Robert Sidney, sisters Martha and Susan Harry with small Sidney Harry, left for East Texas by wagon train to join two brothers, Amdrew Theophilus and Dr. James William Jackson at Mount Pleasant.  Susan Harry died en route, leaving a newborn daughter, Florence (later Mrs. Blackburn).

Mr. Jackson moved on to Atoka, Indian Territory where he owned a sawmill and lumber business.  He and Mr. S. B. Scratch also were partners in a furniture store there.  

When the town of Angleton was laid out, the Jacksons moved there where J. H. Jackson would later help organize and build the Methodist Church and Angleton Lodge 819, AF&AM.  On the 13th of December, 1891, John Harrison and Elizabeth Ream Jackson, with children Annie, Walter, Vega, and infant John Grady boarded a train in Atoka, Indian Territory of Oklahoma, for their future home in booming Velasco, Brazoria County, Texas, USA.  The Columbia Tap brought them by rail from Houston to East Columbia where two rival stern-wheeler steamships awaited, banners flying and band a-playing. Tickets had been sold to them on the train before reaching East Columbia; they took the "Alice Blair" down the Brazos to Velasco.

John Harrison Jackson was a contractor for building and moving.  A resume of his enterprises spells out early Brazoria County History.  One building which he moved from the Angleton town-site to the area of present Westside Elementary School became the University of South Texas.  His pay, in this instance, was partially in land.

He was at home for the weekend over the Angleton Times Building (at the corner of Velasco and Mulberry Streets) that December, 1906 Sunday when the fire-signal of three gunshots rang ouit.  In the pioneer "bucket-brigade" routine, he rushed downstairs and began drawing water from his cistern into two buckets to take to the fire which was about a block back of him.  Other volunteers would likewise bring water from the nearest source.  The Hancock Hotel, Burridge's Store, and other buildings were lost.  Mr. Jackson suffered a heart attack and was found where he fell, water still running from the cistern faucet.[4]

Children[5] of John and Elizabeth Jackson were:
ii.  Walter Lee JACKSON3(John2Joseph1) was born 1913 and died before reaching maturity.
23 iii.  Anna Elizabeth JACKSON3(John2Joseph1)
24 iv.  John Grady JACKSON3(John2Joseph1)
v.  Vivian (Vega) JACKSON3(John2Joseph1) was born 28 Aug 1886 and died 16 Mar 1955. She married Lel Z. HARKEY who was born 22 Sep 1887 and died 15 Feb 1947.  The couple lived in Dallas and later in Angleton where both died and are buried.  The couple had no issue.
25. vi.  Joseph Belton JACKSON3(John2Joseph1) 

The cost of Elizabeth Jane Jackson's funeral was $725.00. She was buried by the M. Barrow Funeral Home in Angleton, Texas, USA.[1] (from Widow's pension file)
. An affidavit was signed stating Elizabeth was the widow of John Harrison Jackson by his brother Robert S. Jackson. The signature was witnessed by L. B. KNOX, J.P. & Exoffico Notary Public for Polk County, Texas, USA on 08 Oct 1812.
.  Original spelling for REAM was RHEIM
. A family story:

(copied from statements by several of John Harrison Jackson's children and grandchildren, as told to them by John Harrison and his wife, Elizabeth Jane REAM Jackson)
...".A native of Eutaw, Greene County, Alabama, USA , Mr. Jackson (John Harrison) was the son of JOSEPH JACKSON, who served with Captain William Harvey's famous Georgia Militia in the War of 1812.  His mother was SARAH (SALLY) CANNON BELTON JACKSON of South Carolina.
He was a Lt. in the Confederate Company "E", 41st Alabama, USA Infantry in the "War Between the States."  His brother, Joseph Jackson, was killed in this war.
JOHN HARRISON JACKSON, his widowed mother, his brother, ROBERT SIDNEY JACKSON, his sisters, MARTHA JACKSON (SUGGS) and SUSAN JACKSON HARRY with her small son, SIDNEY HARRY began the long trip to Texas about 1867 in a covered wagon.  Along the way, in Louisiana, SUSAN JACKSON HARRY died in childbirth.  An infant daughter, FLORENCE (HARRY) BLACKBURN survived.  Mr. Jackson would ride his horse ahead of the wagon train every day to procure milk for the tiny baby in its struggle for survival.
The party arrived in Mount Pleasant, Texas, USA to join the half-brothers of John Harrison Jackson, Dr. James William JACKSON and THEOPHILUS ANDREW (Uncle Off) JACKSON.  After a couple of years JOHN HARRISON JACKSON and his family went on to Denison, Texas, USA where he owned a saw mill.  Two years later he went to Atoka, Indian territory where he acquired more saw mills and engaged in the lumber business."
Now, this is typed exactly as it was written with a couple of exceptions made by the submitter to correct wrong info.  Submitted by Robert W. Jackson, Jr.
Thanks, Robert.
1.  1850 Greene County, Alabama, USA census.
2.  Widow's pension file in possession of Joyce Jackson.
3.  Information from a family member who prefers to remain anonymous.
4. Brazoria County Historical Museum, Angleton, Texas, USA
5. These children are named in Elizsabeth Ream Jackson's CW Widow's pension file with the exception of Vivian's name is listed as Vega.  Vivian's name Vega was given by the anonymous researcher in #3.
1850 Green County, Alabama, USA Federal Census - page 281B
dw fam name age gender color occupation personal value where born
582 582 Joseph Jackson 52 M  Mechanic Georgia
Sarah C. Jackson 35 F South Carolina
Susan C. Jackson 16 F Alabama, USA
Joseph Jackson 14 M Alabama, USA
John H. Jackson 11 M Alabama, USA
Robert S. Jackson 6 M Alabama, USA
Martha R. Jackson 4 F Alabama, USA
Charity Delton 76 F South Carolina
1860 Green County, Alabama, USA Federal Census - page 826
dw fam name age gender color occupation personal value where born
47 40 Joseph Jackson 64 M Carpenter 600 Georgia
Sarah C. Jackson 41 F South Carolina
Susan C. Jackson 24 F Alabama, USA
Jno H. Jackson 19 M Alabama, USA
Robt S. Jackson 18 M Alabama, USA
Martha R. Jackson 14 F Alabama, USA
1870 Titus County, Texas, USA Federal Census - page 84
dw fam name age gender color occupation personal value where born
571 571 John H. Jackson 28 M W Farmer 10000 Alabama, USA
Sarah C. Jackson 57 F W Keeping House South Carolina
Robert S. Jackson 25 M W Farmer Alabama, USA
Mattie R. Jackson 21 F W Alabama, USA
Joseph S. Harry  7 M W Alabama, USA 
Florence Harry  1 F W Louisiana
Thomas Chandler 23 M W Farm Laborer Alabama, USA
Ben Neghbens 22 M W Alabama, USA

23. Anna Elizabeth JACKSON3(John2Joseph1) was born 20 Nov 1877 in Atoka, Indian Territory and died about 1971 in San Antonio, Texas, USA. She is buried in Angleton, Texas, USA. She eloped 04 Jul 1898 with Pickney Percival PHILLIPS and married on the Old Bastrop Bayou Bridge.  He was born 30 Nov 1867 in Pulaski, Tennessee, USA and died 15 Oct 1942 in Angleton, Texas, USA


Children of Pinckney and Annie Phillips were:

i.  Gladys Marion PHILLIPS4(Anna Jackson3John2Joseph1)  was born 1899 in Texas and died about 1990 in Dallas, Texas, USA. She married twice, one husband was Clem BEESON. She one son who died as an infant by one of her two husbands..
X ii.  Orlene PHILLIPS4(Anna Jackson3John2Joseph1)

Information from gr-gr-gr-granddaughter of John Harrison JACKSON 07 Feb 2000
Brazoria County Historical Museum, Angleton, Texas, USA
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Orlene PHILLIPS4(Anna Jackson3John2Joseph1)  was born 01 Jan 1906 in Hico, Texas, USA and died 28 Oct 1989 in Redmond, Washington and is buried in San Antonio, Texas, USA. She married Jun 1927 in San Antonio, Texas, USA to Clinton Giddings "Mike" JORDAN who was born 22 Jun 1905 in San Antonio, Texas, USA and died 30 Jan 1961 in San Antonio, Texas, USA. married C. H. "Mike" JORDAN and lived in San Antonio.  The Jordans had two daughters, Jo Ann and Nancy Gayle Jordan



Children of Mike and Orlene Jordan were:
i.  Jo Ann JORDAN5(Orlene Jackson4Anna Jackson3John2Joseph1), probably still living
ii.  Nancy Gail JORDAN5(Orlene Jackson4Anna Jackson3John2Joseph1), probably still living.  She had three children, still living.

Brazoria County Historical Museum, Angleton, Texas, USA
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24. John "Johnny" Grady JACKSON3(John2Joseph1) was born 06 Mar 1891. He married in 1918 Elizabeth Jane "Flem" GARRISON who was born 1889 in Angleton, Texas, USA and died 1944 in Angleton, Texas, USA. She was the daughter of Ellen and C. F. Garrison.

John Grady Jackson, 15, went to work after his father's death, first driving a hay-press in the summer.  He worked with Billy Diggs in the Angleton State Bank for $10-$15 a month; there were only the two employees.  Johnny did janitor work, sorted and posted checks and filed.  There was no carbon paper for copying and statements were sent out by a very primitive copy method.

While working daytime at the bank, Johnny Jackson was night operator for the telephone company, then an independent and owned by A. H. Weyant of Alvin.  He went on duty as soon as he could get away from the bank, eat supper, and deliver milk to his mother's three or four customers at 5 cents a quart.  The first telephone he ever recalled seeing was when his mother took him to the Walter Stephen's Drug Store, at the corner of Velasco and Myrtle.  The Stevens had a private long-distance line to their drug store in Brazoria, and Mrs. Jackson made a call to Brazoria.

Johnny drove livery rigs until the St. Louis & Brownsville Railroad made an appearance, going to Alvin and Brazoria several times a week.  The Alvin trip cost $ of which he got 50 cents.  The Brazoria trip cost $2 and he got 2a5a cents of that.  He alternated and sometimes worked with Louis H. Follett, turning the press for the Angleton Times for 35 cents per copy.  Sometimes after printing, the boys took the type outside to clean it with a brush and gasoline. 

John G. Jackson worked in the Brazoria County State Bank for years, served two terms as County Tax Assessor-Collector, and owned and operated the Jackson Towing Company, and he maintained what was known as the Old Belk Place on the Oyster Creek with cattle, a reservoir stocked with fish, and some farming.[1]

John Grady Jackson enlisted 10 Mar 1862 in the Confederate Army, 11th Alabama, USA Infantry, Company E. He was commissioned 1st Lieutenent on 17 Jun 1863 and served under the following Generals: General Bragg, General Joseph E. Johnson, General Longstreet, General Beauregard, and General Robert E. Lee. He served in Missippi, Tennessee, and Virginia.[2]


Child of John Grady and Elizabeth Jane Jackson was:

X            i. John Grady JACKSON, Jr.4(John3John2Joseph1). 

¦   John Grady owned the Jackson Towing Company according to other source.

1.  Brazoria County Historical Museum, Angleton, Texas, USA
2.  Widow's pension #21841 from Texas State Archives filed 26 Nov 1912, approved 1 Sep 1913, allowed from 1 Dec 1913 which is in possession of Joyce Jackson.
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24. John Grady JACKSON, Jr.4(John3John2Joseph1) was born 26 Sep 1925.  He served with the Navy in WWII, was an engineer graduate of the University of Oklahoma, and designer of underwater drilling equipment.  He was interested in the Angleton Playhouse and served as President for three years.  In 1946, he married Florence HAY, the daughter of Della Kendrick and Thomas Allen Hay.  John Grady Jackson, Jr. died of cancer in 1962.  The couple had three children who are probably still living.[1]

1.  Brazoria County Historical Museum, Angleton, Texas, USA
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25. Joseph Belton JACKSON4(John3John2Joseph1). was born 1894 and died 29 Oct 1940. He married 29 Aug 1930 Merle LITTLEFIELD.of Nixon, Texas, USA who was the daughter of Dr. V. C. Littlefield.  She was born 6 Nov 1899 and died 29 Aug 1959.  The couple owned the City Drug in Angleton.  Mrs. Jackson continued its operation after the death of her husband.  They had a daughter and four grandchildren who are all possibly still alive.[1]

1.  Brazoria County Historical Museum, Angleton, Texas, USA

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