28. Walter Scott JACKSON3[12](Robert2Joseph) was born 09[22] May 1890 in Texas and died 18 Sep 1961.  He married Emma Rose ELLIS.  They are both buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in Orange, Texas, USA[22].  Emma Rose ELLIS who was born 12 Jul 1895 and  died 17 Feb 1980 in Texas[11].  She was the daughter of Benjamin F. Ellis and Bertha L. Pond who was born 10 Aug 1868 and died 8 Aug 1937 was born 09 May 1890 and died 18 Sep 1961[22] in Texas.   


Child of Walter and Emma were:
29  i. Walter Scott Jackson II4[12](Walter3Robert2Joseph) died in 2001.

Robert "Bob" Winston JACKSON4[13](Walter3Robert2Joseph)  was born 9 Apr 1921and died 9 Apr 1981.  He married 17 Nov 1945 Emma Marie COX who was born 23 Dec 1921 and died 14 Jun 1994.  She was the daughter of Hubert Davis COX born May 1880, died 1955 and Annie LAUSEN born 11 Jan 1885 died 20 Jan 1956 and the grand-daughter of William C. COX born 1846 and died 1923 and Emma Eugenia Davis born 1856, died 1923  and Lauritz Peder Rasmvsen (Lausen) born 15 Feb 1850, died 9 Sep 1901 and Kerstin LARSEN born 19 May 1858 died 8 Jul 1940.  Robert and Emma were the parents of two children, still living.

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Richard "Dick" Ellis Jackson4[14]((Walter3Robert2Joseph)

12. Records of Walter Scott Jackson IV
13. Records of Robert "Bob" W. Jackson, Jr.
14. Records of Walter Scott Jackson IV

1900 Corrigan, Polk County, Texas, USA Federal Census - ED 66, Page 3
hs fm Jackson rel col sex b-m b-y age s-m y-m #c c-l b f-b m-b occ emp sch reads writes spEng own owe f/h
67 67 Robert H W M 9 43 56 M 25 AL -SC- SC carpenter


0 yes yex yes yes no frm
Pauline W W F 11 53 44 M 25 10 10 TX -VA- TN yes yes yes
Edward S W M 10 77 22 S TX -AL- TX s-mill lbr


0 yes yes yes
Annie D W F 12 85 15 S TX -AL- TX 5 yes yes yes
Forrest S W M 8 89 11 S TX -AL- TX 5 yes yes yes
Walter S W M 5 81 9 S TX -AL- TX 5 yes yes yes
Naomi D W F 10 94 6 S TX -AL- TX 0 no no yes
Mobell D W F 8 97 2 S TX -AL- TX 0 no no yes
Wellie D W F 10 9 7/12 S TX -AL- TX 0 no no yes

1910 Corrigan, Polk County, Texas, USA Census
- on-line sheet 221 ED95
dw fam name rel sex color age s/m m/time #c c-liv b f-b m-b occupation
28 28 R. S. Jackson H M W 66 M 36 AL GA SC carpenter
E. P. Jackson W F W 54 M 36 10 10 TX VA TN none
Walter Jackson S M W 18 S TX AL TX salesman
Naomi Jackson D F W 15 S TX AL TX none
Willie Jackson S M W 10 S TX AL TX none
Mabel Jackson D F W 12 S TX AL TX none
18 29 D.D. Devereaux H M W 27 M 0 TX AL TX carpenter
Annie Devereaux W F W 26 M 0 1 1 TX AL TX
Eugenia McCall S-D F W 6 S TX TX TX

1920 Angelina County, Texas, USA Federal Census 
name relation sex color age M/S school can read can write born f-born m-born
Dred D. Devereaux Head M W 38 M yes yes Texas Texas Texas
Annie Devereaux Wife F W 34 M yes yes Texas Alabama Texas
Eugenia Devereaux Daughter F W 16 S yes yes yes Texas Texas Texas
Etheldred Devereaux Daughter F W 7 S yes Texas Texas Texas
Jack Devereaux Son M W 4 S Texas Texas Texas
Pauline Devereaux Daughter F W 3 S Texas Texas Texas
Pauline Jackson M-in-law F W 64a Wd yes yes Texas Virginia Tennessee
Mable Bannon S-in-law F W 22 Wd yes yes Texas Texas Texas

1920 Harris County, Texas, USA Federal Census ED114, sheet 11
street house# dwell fam # name relation home sex color age single, married can read where born Father born Mother born speaks English occupation employed
Higgins X 236 293 Jackson, Walter S. head Rent M W 27 M yes Texas Alabama Texas yes operator telephone company
Jackson, Emma wife F W 24 M yes Texas Texas Louisiana yes none
Jackson, Walter S., Jr. son M W 5 S Texas Texas Texas yes none
1930 Orange, Orange County Federal Census Ancestry T626_2380; Page: 5B; Enumeration District: 2; Image:
Street House # dwell fam # name relation home value lives farm? sex color age marital age at marriage att school read write where b father  b mother b occupation industry worked yesterday? Veteran?
Cypress  611 95 110 Jackson, Walter S head rents 50 no M W 36 M 20 No yes TX TX TX Station agt rail road W no
Emma wife no F W 34 M 18 no yes TX TX LA none
Scotty son no M W 15 S yes yes TX TX TX none
Bobby son no M W 8 S yes TX TX TX none
Dick son no M W 6 S no TX TX TX none
McBride, Clara lodger no F W 40 S no yes TX MS MS teacher public shool W
Waskom, Durrell lodger no F W 39 S no yes TX MS AL secretary red cross W
Jones, Hubbard lodger no M W 27 M 22 no yes TX TX TX field mgr muskrat farm W no
Jones, Willie lodger no F W 23 M 18 no yes TX TX TX none


Walter Scott Jackson II

29. Walter Scott Jackson II4(Walter-I3Robert2Joseph) ws born abt. 1915[1] and died in 2001[2].  He lived in Houston, Texas, USA.


Children of Walter Scot Jackson II:
i. Walter Scott Jackson III5(WalterII4Walter3Robert2Joseph) still living. 
ii. Jane Jackson5(WalterII4Walter3Robert2Joseph) still living. 
iii. Mary Jackson5(WalterII4Walter3Robert2Joseph) still living. 

1. 1920 U.S. Federal Census and 1930 U.S. Federal Census.
2. Family records of Walter Scott Jackson, IV.

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