E. H. Bush, Sr. (1909-19__), the son of an insurance salesman was born 12 Aug 1903 in Jonesborough, Louisiana. He was the fourth son of a family consisting of four boys and three girls.

As a young boy living in the sawmill town of Jonesborough, Elbert, along with friends would get into the mill pond and run the logs, jumping from one to the other. The boys would be run off but just came back another day and do it again.

He attended high school in Ruston, Louisiana where he played High School baseball and football. After finishing High School in December of 1922, he started attending Centinary College in January 1923 where he studied to be a school teacher and coach. Upon completing the four year course in 31/2 years, Elbert started his first teaching job in Vivian, Louisiana where he taught High School for a year before moving to Diboll, Texas, USA in September 1928.

Mr. Bush explained how he heard of Diboll, "Well, I played baseball with a fellow by the name of Buster Jackson in Leesville and his family came over to visit. And at that time I was unmarried and he had a good looking young sister that came along with him. And so I thought I would be real nice to her and take her to a show. And so when she came back home she wrote a letter and I answered it. One correspondence led to another. So in September 1927, yes, I guess it was September in ’27 or ’26. We got married…I went back and taught a year in Vivian before I moved to Diboll."

Elbert had never even thought of applying for a teaching job in Diboll. He came to Diboll one Sunday and played baseball. He was signed to play with Leesville and came to play Lufkin. It was while he was playing ball in Abilene in the West Texas league that he received a letter from his wife Minnie Jackson Bush that he had been hired to teach in Diboll. Since he had signed to go back to Vivian to teach there, he had to resign his job there to stay and teach in Diboll High School where he taught four or five subjects, including physics, geometry, biology and physiology instead only math and bookkeeping he had taught in Vivian.

After his first year in Texas Elbert was ready to go back to Louisiana. After going back and staying one year in Arcadia, Louisiana, coaching football and baseball, he decided he liked Diboll after all and came back and stayed seven or eight years. He moved into the old house that his "Daddy-in-law" (Albert Sidney Jackson) lived in. It was a big old two story house and Elbert along with his wife and baby, Elbert H. Bush, Jr. lived there.

Elbert was about 31 or 32, when he became Superintendent of the school where he served in that capacity for five years. He moved to Newton, Texas, USA where he was principal and teacher for a year and a half and went from there to Buna as Superintendent for four or five years. Later, he was the principal of Lufin High School

From an interview at the home of Mr. Bush in Lufkin, Texas, USA on 5th July 1904 by Becky Bailey in the presence of Fenner Roth. The interview is located in the records of the Temple Library in Diboll, Texas, USA.

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