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The Family of Henderson originated in several areas in Scotland.  A small clan from clan  battles in the Highlands, to the plantation of Ulster, the Jacobite uprisings, the Massacre at Glencoe, and emigration to North America and Australia.  There have been Henderson chiefs, and farmers, knights and colliers, generals and soldiers, good Scots wherever they have chosen to live.


Robert Henderson was a Burgess of Edinburgh who acquired the lands of Fordell in the latter part of the 15th century.  

It was James Henderson, who became Lord Advocate of Scotland in 1494, for whom the lands of Fordell were erected into a barony in 1511.  These Hendersons were staunch supporters of their King and fought and died in his service. 

One of the more famous members of this branch was Alexander Henderson (1583-1646) who is regarded as the greatest leader of the Reformation in Scotland after Knox.  One of the most respected Presbyterian leaders, he was largely responsible for drafting the National Convenant in 1638.

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