11. Ella Monroe CARRINGTON3(Leonidas2Walker1) was born 22 Nov 1870 and died 06 Dec 1946. She is buried in the Oakland Cemetery in the Holland Community, AR. She married first on 23 Sep 1891 to Dr. James Samuel WILSON. After his death, she married second to Dr. W. T. MCDONALD who was born 17 Oct 1867 and died 26 May 1940. He is buried in the Holland Community, Arkansas, USA[1]


Children of Ella and James were:[2]

i.  Blanche WILSON was born 11 Jun 1892 in Greenbrier, Faulkner County, Arkansas, USA, and died in 1982 in Bells, Grayson County, Texas, USA.
ii.  Sam WILSON was possibly buried in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA.

Legend is that Ella and Dr. McDonald had no children together but that she raised two step-daughters. These two daughters were probably from Dr. McDonald's first wife but I am listing them for information if anyone is interested.[1]
i.  Fern Richards MCDONALD
ii.  Margurete Brady MCDONALD

Dr. McDonald was a practicing physician 40 years and was a doctor in Greenbrier, Arkansas, USA. He and Ella lived in the Holand Community.
Information from a book about Faulkner County, Arkansas, USA[2].

1. From the Research of Frieda Hardee.
2. From the research of
Mary Ellen (Wilson) Sharp

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