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Stoneham Cemetery is located one and one half miles from Stoneham on State Hwy. 105, about 100 yards North of the Highway. John H. Stoneham gave right of way to the railroad in 1879 and the town grew up around the railroad and the railroad was named in his honor. Since the 1830’s there has been a settlement about 1 ½ miles from Stoneham that was called High Point and at that time the cemetery was called "High Point Cemetery". The first person to be buried there was a victim of cholera, the daughter of Franklin Jarvis Greenwood, Sr. who donated land for the cemetery a few years earlier. He was a native of VA and an Austin Colonists who came to Texas in 1829 and received a Spanish land grant, a part of which lay in what was to become High Point community. He built the first Methodist Church in the area near his home. Its site was the land now occupied by the Stoneham Cemetery.

Several unknown Confederate victims who became ill and died on their way home from the war lies buried here. Their graves, once marked with large native stones, are just inside the present gate of the cemetery. At one time several graves of persons who died of yellow fever were marked by large iron bars with corkscrew ends that served as a warning that the graves should never be moved lest another outbreak of yellow fever develop! The graves were south of the big oak tree in the center of the cemetery.

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(Franklin B. Greenwood)

The greenwood lot is located in the Northern part of the cemetery.  They are located behind the stand of trees in the #1 picture below behind the Stoneham lots.  A few of the names and dates are listed next but there were too many to copy for the time we had.  Sorry this is not a complete list.  It probably would not be a complete list had I copied them all because so many stones have disappeared in this cemetery just over the past five years since my last visit.

Frank B. Greenwood (1846 - 1919) Husband of Annie
Frank J. Greenwood (7 Sep 1876 - 16 Nov 1900)
Hannibal Boon Greenwood (1 Sep 1886 - 5 Mar 1914)
Mary Greenwood (1808 - 10 Apr 1880)
Franklin J. Greenwood (?? - 31 Jul 1882) 57 yrs. 9 mo. 26 da.
I. B. Greenwood (16 Aug 1758 - 04 Aug 1835)
Henry B. Greenwood (24 Oct 1830 - 04 Dec 1881)
Annie Tucker (27 Feb 1815 - 27 Oct 1863) Wife of Edmund Tucker
William J. Greenwood (14 Aug 1848 - 30 Dec 1875)

The earliest provision for maintenance of the cemetery "working". As many of the families left the vicinity, a cemetery committee was appointed to look after its maintenance. The present committee plans to move the headstone of Susan Stoneham’s father, James Dillard Stoneham from an abandoned cemetery 3 miles away, and place it in the Stoneham Cemetery. This was done in the instance of the monument of Franklin J. Greenwood’s father Henry Bailey Greenwood. Lots Brewer, Cummins, Greenwood, Keyser, Montgomery, Patterson, Peyton, Hubler, Saunders, Stoneham, Taylor, graves not in lot, Stoneham, Saunders Cummins, Keyser, lots. (Squares marked by cement runners)

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(#1 is the Stoneham lot looking from NE to SW)(#2 is the east fence, only a ditch exists by the road)

Graves of members of the Montgomery family lie along the fence across from the Stoneham lot and to the *east where marked by stones that have been lost or removed. It was thought at first that the Montgomerys were buried in the Joel Greenwood cemetery near Plantersville. Montomerys and Greenwoods intermarried; so the Montgomerys who are buried here would be brothers and sisters of Mrs. Franklin Jarvis Greenwood, Sr. (the daughter of William Montgomery) and their children.

In doing research for placement of the State of Texas#2 markers for John #3 and Andrew J. Montgomery#1, veterans of San Jacinto, J. T. Montgomery, descendant of Andrew, believed they were buried in this cemetery. He asked that the markers be placed there, though the graves could not be located.

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* In about 1996, my husband, grandson and I visited the Stoneham cemetery and at that time, a stone was still standing marking the spot of Elizabeth (Montgomery) Pierson.  It was in bad condition and falling over.  13 Aug 2001, the stone was no longer there, nor any of the stones that had graced the area.  The stone was not east of the Stoneham lot, but was located west of the lot. She was the daughter of William Montgomery and wife of J.G.W. Pierson who is buried in the Joel Greenwood Cemetery.

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(Elizabeth Montgomery Pierson, daughter of William Montgomery, wife of J.G.W. Pierson)

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This is the visual sign along the highway on the road leading to the cemetery.

"A History of the Stoneham Cemetery" by Frances Stoneham, written for marking of a cemetery by Texas Historical Commission.
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