De Ann Cemetery, Prescott, Nevada County, Arkansas, USA

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      J. G. Carrington           Elizabeth A. Carrington
      (1841 - 1920)                   (1845 - 1901)   

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Our family members buried here:

        Old section:
        Jeremiah Greenwood Carrington (12 Mar 1841-09 Jul 1920)
        Elizabeth Annie Montgomery Carrington(20 Dec 1845-11 Jul 1901)
        (First wife of J.G. Carrington)
        Jewell Carrington (27 Jan 1885-14 Nov 1900)
        (Daughter of J.G. and Annie Carrington; twin of Lillie)
        Hilliard Walker "Sonny Boy" Carrington (28 Jun 1911-14 Dec 1915)
        (Son of J.G. and Clara (second wife) Carrington)
        Jean Eloise Carrington (13 Dec 1896-Aug 1900)
        (Daughter of John Montgomery and Anna Helena Monson Carrington)

        New Section:
        John Montgomery Carrington (17 Nov 1870-23 Sep 1933)
        (Son of J.G. and Annie Carrington)
        Anna Helena Monson Carrington (14 May 1874-Jul 1941)
        (Wife of John Montgomery Carrington)
        James "Jim" Walker Carrington (31 Oct 1874l-26 Nov 1941)
        (Son of J.G. and Annie Carrington)
        Sidney "Sid" Green Carrington (1882-1954)
        (Son of J.G. and Annie Carrington)
        Thomas Floyd "Tad" Carrington (17 Nov 1890-Dec 1969)
        (Son of J.G. and Annie Carrington)


Photos courtesy of Linda Taylor. Check out her website for more about the Carrington and Montgomery families.

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